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Volunteer Spotlight | Tashaka Wynter, LMSW

Tashaka Wynter, LMSW
Tashaka Wynter, LMSW

Tashaka has volunteered at every type of event hosted by the New York Urban League. So, chances are, if you have attended the Frederick Douglass Gala, the Black and White Brunch, the HBCU Fair, or hosted an Empowerment Day, you have either been greeted by Tashaka, attended an orientation which she facilitated, or benefited from the organizational skills she utilized to help plan and execute a volunteer event.

Tashaka’s connection to NYUL began six years ago when she became a member of the New York Urban League Young Professionals (YP), which is an auxiliary group of individuals ages 21-40 who volunteer throughout NYC to support the mission of the New York Urban League. Tashaka became a Mentor for the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Scholar Connect program. A major part of the role of YP is to mentor college students who are recipients of the Whitney M. Young, Jr. scholarship, which is awarded to exceptional high school seniors every year. “I really established a bond with my mentee,” recalled Tashaka. "I still speak with her regularly even though she has graduated from college.”

As a member of YP, Tashaka lead the community service initiatives when she served on the Executive Leadership Team as the Community Service Co-Chair, Programs Chair and Vice President. Under her leadership, the chapter won the 2017 National Day of Service Award and today she remains a financial member of the chapter.

After completing her term on the board, Tashaka wanted to continue supporting the New York Urban League directly. Coupled with 15 years of nonprofit experience, Tashaka uses her skills as a Licensed Social Worker and Director of Operations, to help strengthen the volunteer experience where she has served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the past two years.

Tashaka explained that it is the NYUL affect that keeps her engaged. “NYUL is special and treats their volunteers like family,” she exclaimed during a recent phone call. She continued, “Many of us [volunteers] get as much from NYUL as we put in. I have been able to enhance my skills while volunteering, and I know several people who were able to secure job opportunities, increase their network and much more because of their connection to NYUL”

“It is great to have Tashaka leading our volunteer efforts as she strives to make sure that our volunteers remain connected, engaged and have an impactful experience while they support the New York Urban League”. Shalima L. McCants, Chief Program Officer.

In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Week, Tashaka is encouraging everyone to get involved with NYUL by contacting her at to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities and be sure to sign up for our exclusive Diversity and Inclusion Lab at

“Volunteering while balancing personal and professional commitments can get challenging sometimes,” replied Tashaka when asked about all of the hours she has donated to NYUL over the years. “But it is also rewarding to be a part of an organization that is making a difference in the lives of many New Yorkers.”

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