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The powers that be aren’t held accountable for

the health of a community if no one’s going to

bat for the people in said community.

Advocacy: Welcome

From protecting our youth against the school-to-prison pipeline, to ensuring voter engagement in our communities, these are the ways advocacy plays a role in our mission:

Advocacy: Text

Sponsoring reports like State of Black New York to shine a light on key issues

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Coming together with thought leaders, elected officials and residents to collectively strategize on initiatives that improve education and economic outcomes.

Offering training and capacity building assistance to non-profits across the city.

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Informing residents about the importance of voting and how and where to register and vote.

Hosting open discussions on pressing issues in the community.

Advocacy: What We Do

Advocacy Initiatives

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Level-Setting through Advocacy

State of Black New York 2020

The New York Urban League 2020 commissioned a report that examined the position of black households in the city’s growth economy.

Advocacy: Projects

Advocacy through Leadership

Elected Official and Policy Advocates

Bi-Annually, NYUL convenes thought leaders, advocates, elected officials and residents to collective strategize on initiatives and policies that improve education and economic outcomes.

Advocacy: Projects

Advocacy through Policy and Participation

Political Forums

The New York Urban League established a “Meet the Candidates” platform to provide our community the opportunity to see the areas top Legislative candidates in town hall and roundtable discussion across boroughs.

Census 2020

In agreement with the National Urban League, New York Urban League has pioneered efforts, in New York City, to bridge economic disparities through the development of programs, public policy, research, and advocacy.

Advocacy: Projects

Advocacy for Education

NYUL Annual Summit on Education

NYUL annual Summit on Education brings together practitioners from around the State to exchange best practices and develop an education agenda.

Education Bootcamp

Each year, the New York Urban League recruites a new class of advocates for our Education Policy Committee hosting an intensive Education Boot Camp.

Advocacy: Projects

Advocacy for Stabilization

Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund (CCNSF) 

In partnership with the Hispanic Federation, Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, New York Urban League and Asian American Federation formed an alliance, along with the Black Agency Executives, to provide capacity-building support to Black, Latino, and Asian-led community-based organizations throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

Advocacy: Projects

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