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Seeing is believing, and when there are no visible examples

of success in the neighborhood, then possibilities shrink.

Empowerment: Welcome

We aim to help water the seeds of every underserved community in New York, because growth is success, and success is empowering.

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Through mentorship, or simply exposure to successful people that look like us in roles that don’t necessarily exist in the neighborhoods we’re from.

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Creating our own ventures that speak to our past legacies in the present, for our future.

Supporting local entrepreneurship.

Empowerment: What We Do

Empowerment Initiatives

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Level Setting New Yorkers

State of Black New York

The New York Urban League 2020 commissioned a report that examined the position of black households in the city’s growth economy.

Town Hall Meeting and Roundtable Discussions

The New York Urban League brings together a community of inspiring and innovative visionaries whose ambitious actions are changing the state of New York.

Empowerment: Projects

Thought Leader Forums

Elected Officials and Policy Advocates

Bi-Annually, NYUL convenes thought leaders, advocates, elected officials and residents to collective strategize on initiatives and policies that improve education and economic outcomes.

NYUL Annual Summit on Education

NYUL annual Summit on Education brings together practitioners from around the State to exchange best practices and develop an education agenda.

Empowerment: Projects

Community and Voter Engagement Capacity Building

Civic Voter Registration and Election Drives

Each election cycle, the NYUL dedicates a portion of its practice to protecting this vital legacy of the Civil Rights movement, and ensuring that voter registration drives can continue to operate unimpeded by threat of persecution and unfair administrative restrictions.

Political Forums

Often together with community partners, we have ushered many top legislators into office because of well-informed open forums that allow our constituents to build a profile on a candidate, understand how they fit the needs of the community and what they can bring to the table.

Census 2020

In agreement with the National Urban League, New York Urban League has pioneered efforts, in New York City, to bridge economic disparities through the development of programs, public policy, research, and advocacy.

Empowerment: Projects

Capacity Building

Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund  (CCNSF) 

In partnership with the Hispanic Federation, Coalition for Asian American Children and Families, New York Urban League and Asian American Federation formed an alliance, along with the Black Agency Executives, to provide capacity-building support to Black, Latino, and Asian-led community-based organizations throughout New York City’s five boroughs.

Empowerment: Projects

Annual Fundraiser

Fredrick Douglass Award Gala Fundraiser

The New York Urban League Gala is a signature moment each year to help raise funds to support new and expanded programming and community services to further the League’s mission. The flagship affiliate of the National Urban League, the NYUL is one of New York’s oldest civil rights organizations.

Empowerment: Projects

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