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New York City Marathon 2023 

Sunday, November 5, 2023

TCS NY Marathon 2023: Text

The New York Urban League (NYUL) is proud to announce that we are an official charity partner of the 2023 NYC Marathon, which will be held on Sunday, November 5th, 2023.


The work of the New York Urban League is guided by our vision that every American child is ready for college, work and life; every American has access to a living wage and good benefits; and every American has an equal right and responsibility to fully participate in our democracy and civic processes, and all people have a right to justice and fairness.


We invited six NYC Marathon runners to partner with NYUL to raise funds and awareness for our work to help ensure that Black and brown New Yorkers secure a first-class education, economic self-reliance and equal respect of their civil rights through our programs, services and advocacy.

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TCS NY Marathon 2023: Who We Are

Meet Our 2023 NYUL Marathon Team

Christina Blum- 1.jpeg

Christina Blum

Influencer & Social Media Strategist

“I'm running for NYUL because I truly believe in their mission of uplifting black and brown communities who have systematically been held down whether it be in education, the workplace, or as equal citizens. I believe this organization makes a difference where it counts the most!”

Roberto Clemente- 3_edited.jpg

Roberto Clemente

Digital Creator

“I love that the NYUL empowers people, especially at a crucial time, to be on a path to success and relieve some of the mental stress that comes with being a lower-income resident in NYC that affects us all. I'm proud to be running for a great cause that can help those that look like me.”

ward pic_edited.png

Ward Corbett

NYUL Board Chair

"As a HBCU alumnus of Howard University, it is a part of my DNA to help African Americans work towards achieving greatness. This is why I proudly serve as Chairman of the Board of New York Urban League and as a team member on our NYC marathon team."


Nora Giordano

LSW Graduate Student, Fordham University; Intern at NYUL

“I am running the NYC marathon to support the New York Urban League organization and its amazing community. I love running and I am so excited to run to for such an inspiring team.”

Alex Gray- 1_edited.jpg

Alex Gray

Director of Finance, Blockworks

“Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams undeterred by their circumstance, and it is my belief that it all begins with education. It is the cornerstone in which our society evaluates your life's prospects, and if you start off behind it is nearly impossible to catch up.”


Garrett Harper

Podcast Producer & Host, Blockworks

“I've played sports my whole life with teammates from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Many of these teammates didn't have the financial means or guidance to take life's opportunities I took for granted. I want to help change this!”

TCS NY Marathon 2023: Our Team
TCS NY Marathon 2023: Pro Gallery
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