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The digital divide is only worsening job conditions in

the communities we serve. Available jobs tend to be

basic work that don’t ladder up to a worthwhile career.

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Inequality is unacceptable in any form towards anyone, but for African Americans it can create lasting social and economic barriers to independence and empowerment. We’ve launched an awareness campaign, along with initiatives designed to amplify diversity and inclusion issues to strengthen and support our communities.

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Educating ourselves through technology, and not just being entertained by it is how we become the writers of our own stories, not just the readers.


Making opportunities more tangible for each and every person that comes to the NYUL for the support they need

Offering interview training,
skills assessment and resume counseling to prepare you not just for a job, but a future career.

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April 2 - April 29

Diversity Pipeline and Diversity & Inclusion Lab

April 2 - April 29

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