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Project Ready

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Project Ready is an initiative founded in 2008 by the National Urban League to provide a comprehensive approach toaddressing the academic and personal needs of middle to high school youth in underservedcommunities. The program integrates a one-on-one and group program module where youth areconnected to positive role modules who support youth in addressing academic development, socialand emotional development needs, and college, career culture and awareness. 50 students areserved at Career and Sports High School and an additional 50 are served at Walkabout High School in the Bronx.

Project Ready works with high school students to provide the knowledge, tools and skills needed for post-secondary success in partnership with the National Urban League. This program focuses on STEM, mentorship, leadership development, historical and cultural literacy, campus tours, national case competition, and career preparation.

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NYUL Project Ready Team Case Competition Submission

Our scholars were charged with reviewing the National Urban League's 21 Pillars for Redefining Public Safety and Restoring Community Trust and focused on a pillar that would lead to improved police/community relations. Our scholars selected the 20th pillar which focuses on training for police officers. Their process included interviews, research, field trips and culminated in a narrative report and video submission.

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Meet the 2021 Project Ready Team

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