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Corporate Partner Spotlight | Manny Cantor Center

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The New York Urban League began working with the Manny Cantor Center during the spring of 2022. The Manny Cantor Center provides wraparound supports and services as well as educational and wellness activities for anyone who needs them. Their in-house programs include but are not limited to: cooking and art classes, language classes, fitness classes, and tax-filing support. Additionally, they also collaborate with other organizations to provide legal help, immigration assistance, housing assistance, mental health support, crisis support, and more. When the New York Urban League began working with MCC we were providing one-on-one assistance to clients that primarily focused on resume review, interview assistance and applying for jobs. But as this started to take off, the team thought it would be best to host 5 week cohorts that consisted of job readiness preparation. Since then NYUL has hosted 3 cohorts, assisting 40 people on their employment journey. Below is a testimonial from a client, Oscar Flores that completed the 5 week cohort and is now enrolled in a training program to gain his OSHA 30 and HVAC certification.

Oscar Flores, NYUL Employment Client
Oscar Flores, NYUL Employment Client
“Being a part of (New York) Urban League not only did it made me feel comfortable to get back to start looking for work and training it prepared me, it gave me the tools that I needed to be able to compete with everyone in the workforce. We sometimes forget how important a resume is, how valuable our interviewing skills are to be able to get a job. I got all of that and more being a part of The New York Urban League, thanks to the help Kera and Alyssa, I am in training, and working on developing my work experience.”
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