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Corporate Partner Spotlight | Fidelis Care

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Fidelis Care was introduced to the National Urban League through an existing partnership with Centene, their parent company. Upon learning more about the work and ongoing commitment of the New York Urban League, Fidelis Care believed there would be opportunities for partnership that would benefit the New York City communities they serve today and into the future. Fidelis Care is a mission-based health plan focused on health equity and meeting the needs of underserved communities. Our two organizations share common goals of strengthening and supporting individuals, families, and entire neighborhoods where we live and work.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Fidelis Care partnered with a number of community-based organizations, including the New York Urban League, to provide education about the importance of receiving a Covid vaccine. They also worked in partnership with the NYC Department of Health as well as key health care providers to coordinate the provision of vaccines across NYC. Fidelis Care conducted outreach to homebound members in high-risk areas, encouraging them to get the vaccine, and appointment scheduling assistance. Several Fidelis Care vehicles and drivers have distributed personal protective equipment (PPE) to many sites throughout New York City.

Fidelis Care was invited to be one of the first corporate sponsors of New York Urban League’s newly formed Diversity & Inclusion Lab, and it's been an honor to partner with them. Several participants of Fidelis Care’s own Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council also participate in the New York Urban League Committee D&I Council and serve as presenters and panelist at their events.

"There are many rewarding aspects of partnering with the New York Urban League. Our relationship has been foundational in several key initiatives that impact the health and wellness of the community."

Fidelis Care at the Sprint Family Night at Walkabout Bronx
Fidelis Care at the Sprint Family Night at Walkabout Bronx

In addition to providing information about Covid-19 during the pandemic, Fidelis Care have also focused on the importance of mental health for children and teens.

"It was also extremely rewarding on a personal and professional level to provide information to high school students about careers in health care during our participation in the Young Men’s Empowerment Day. We greatly value our partnership with NYUL, and look forward to our work together in the years to come."

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