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We’re excited for you to join the NYUL. But first, tell us who you are.

I’m a student or a senior

People who are in K-12th grade, as well as undergraduates 20 years and younger should choose this option. And if you’re 60 years old and above, you can choose this option as well to get a special discounted membership for $25 per year.

I am an NYUL sustainer

If the other options don’t apply, then this membership option is for you. You get the standard membership benefits for $100 per year when you choose this.

I’m a power broker

Donors who give $1000 or more per year should choose this option. This membership grants you access to the most exclusive programs and events that the NYUL has to offer, along with all of the standard benefits of the sustainer membership.

Membership – Sustainer Options: Get Involved
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