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HBCU President Circle

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The Presidents Circle is a structured and academically curated program created to recognize academically talented high-school students, who have matriculated through the HBCU U process, and set them on pathways to success. The Circle encourages the pursuit of academic excellence at all levels of education, fostering personal growth and development. We strive to create an exclusive environment providing members with direct access to NYC top leadership through our Tours and Talks series, CEO Insights Series (Half Hour Coffee in corporate boardrooms), Digital Discovery Lab (Level setting digital comprehension for optimal performance) and Lifestyle and Etiquette Workshops (to navigate beyond the classroom to level-set the boardroom). The Presidents Circle plants the seeds that create tomorrow’s leaders by promoting processes, shaping skills development, and stressing the importance of life-balance and community involvement. It is important, that through this process, that our members experience the art of storytelling – hearing and being given the opportunity to openly sharing their own stories. This process of sharing accelerates leadership skills and enhances the members’ developing foundation; creating a new generation of leaders that will transform America.

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HBCU Presidents Circle: About Us
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