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Get Involved

To help others in the League, you can give money, but your time and your expertise are just as important.

Become a Member

Membership connects you with a community of committed New Yorkers willing to show their support for the New York Urban League wherever they work, play, and live.

Ways to Give

There are many ways individuals and corporations can support the New York Urban League and the communities we serve.


Give something back to the community that’s just as precious as money: your time.

Join the Young Professionals

The NYUL Young Professionals provide and seek new opportunities. Volunteer your time to those who need it most, and forge connections that will last your entire career.


Central to the work of the New York Urban League is advocating for equal access to educational and employment opportunities for all New Yorkers. Members of the community are invited to join us for training, trips to city, state or federal legislators, and ongoing work with our Educational Policy Committee.

Upcoming Signature Events