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Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fair

Our annual HBCU Fair, in partnership with the New York Urban League Young Professionals, attracts over 3,000 New York City high school students, out-of-state high school students, and their parents. Located at the Riverbank State Park facility in Harlem, the event features more than 45 HBCUs, some of which provide on-site admissions and scholarship awards, and also includes interactive workshops on college admissions, applying for financial aid, preparing for the first year in college, and succeeding on standardized entry exams.


32nd Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities Fair

Saturday, November 10, 2018


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Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park

(also know as Riverbank State Park)

679 Riverside Drive at 145th Street

New York, NY 10031

Senior Year College Checklist

Student Preparation 



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This year’s fair will host several workshops available for students, parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone interested in higher education. Please see the list of  workshops below that will take place throughout the day.


Workshops begin at 11:30am
(REVISED SCHEDULE as of 10.12.18)


11:30 PM

  • Local Options: CUNY & SUNY
  • Paying for College: Scholarships, Grants, Loans & FAFSA prep


12:30 PM

  • Paying for College: Scholarships, Grants, Loans & FAFSA prep
  • A Parent’s Guide to College – Preparation Checklist


1:30 PM

  • Paying for College: Scholarships, Grants, Loans & FAFSA prep
  • A Parent’s Guide to College – Preparation Checklist


2:45 PM

  • The HBCU Experience Panel & Presentation. Hosted by the NYUL Young Professionals

HBCU Fair Checklist

Students be sure to arrive prepared!

Here is a helpful checklist that can maximize your HBCU Fair experience.

  • Make sure to bring 3-5 copies of your transcript (1-2 official copies)
  • Make sure to bring 3-5 copies of SAT/ACT scores
  • Make sure to 3-5 copies of your resume ( list of extra-curricular activities and volunteer work)
  • Prepare questions to ask the college representatives
  • Bring a small notebook and pen to record information



1. Why should students pre-register for the fair?


  • Students should pre-register for the fair because it allows all of the colleges and universities represented to capture their contact and profile information electronically. This information can be used to determine on-site admissions, future communication towards admissions eligibility, scholarships, and pertinent enrollment deadlines and information.


2. Can I register my school/organization as a group?

  • Yes, can register your school/organization as a group so we know who will be attending and if you we need to communicate with you about parking arrangements. *Please note* that we still require all students to register individually so schools have access to their information for on-site admissions and/or future enrollment communication.


3. Do parents/chaperones need to register?

  • Parents and chaperones are not required to but are welcomed to register to access workshops and receive future communication from schools visited. The parent/guardian registration is available at the end of the student registration page.


4. Why should students bring copies of their school transcript and SAT/ACT scores?

  • Being prepared is a very important part of a student’s journey through life. Bringing copies of their transcript and test scores allows school representatives the ability to make immediate decisions for eligible students to receive on-site admissions and scholarships. The more copies a student has on-hand the more access to admissions and scholarship opportunities from the school represented at the fair.


5. Can groups travel by bus?

  • Yes, groups can travel by bus. If you are bringing a group of students by bus, please fill out the group registration form so we have a count of the number and type of buses expected. We will them provide your group with the necessary parking pass for Riverbank State Park.


6. Will there be food available for students at the HBCU Fair?

  • We do not provide food for the students during the fair, however there are 2 snack bars accessible to participants in the park area and there are multiple food options accessible on Broadway at 145th & 146th Streets.

For more information or any additional questions contact 212-926-8000.


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