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STEM Bootcamp

Program Overview

The NYUL STEM Bootcamp is a 30-week afterschool program that will provide high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to learn how to design, build and develop apps using Infor’s Mongoose application development framework.

Over the 30-week program period students meet afterschool twice a week to engage in conversations about how technology aids in the development of applications for different areas of business and how it can be used to develop entrepreneurial opportunities or unlock potential within a corporation.


Students will also have an opportunity to participate in conversations and job shadowing with Infor Mongoose team members two days per week each month to fortify their knowledge of Mongoose and get a firsthand look at real world applications of Mongoose.


The culmination of the program will be a presentation of the student’s team project developed over the course of the program using knowledge gained through  interaction with Mongoose and Infor team members. The top students will also have access to summer internship opportunities with Infor.


 Free Program

Open to 11th-12th  Graders in NYC


• Learn how to develop a business application
• Learn how to create databases for website and portal development
• Engage in individual and team experiential learning activities
• Visit a premier technology company
• Pitch their project/idea to see if can be utilized in the marketplace
• Have first-hand access to internship opportunities


Program Information

Program Schedule & Times




October 25th-June 8th

(excluding Holidays/School Closures)


Sessions will be held at:

NYUL Office

204 West 136th Street,

NY, NY  10030


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