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NYUL Launches Small Business Solutions Center

NYUL officially opens the application for their new Small Business SOLUTIONS Center. This program will provide advanced and customized expert services to 25 Black-owned small businesses in New York City. The on-line application for this grant is open from now through July 19th of 2021. Selected businesses will be announced in late July. The first cohort of the program will begin in early August with mandatory orientation and will conclude in November.

Members of this elite inaugural cohort will partner with industry professionals to address business challenges such as access to capital, market expansion, strategic partnerships, effective accounting practices, and implanting safety measures. Each selected business will receive a unique assessment with a lead consultant, who will work to produce a knowledgeable course of action prescribed by an advisory board of corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs, and other industry leaders.

Membership eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Legally Registered Business

  • Greater than 50% Black Ownership

  • In Operation for 3 or more years

  • Primary business located in the Bronx, Manhattan, or Brooklyn

Small Business Solutions Application: Text

Small Business Solutions Application

Small Business Solutions Application: Text
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