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NEXT Academy 2015

NEXT Academy Instructors Summarize their Experience with NYUL



  Throughout the summer we engaged the students on several activities that were     educational and fun. From learning about different colleges such as CUNY Macaulay and Mount Sinai School of Medicine to attending the college campus tours and visiting some of the biggest technological corporations such as Google and Microsoft this was definitely a summer to remember. Not only did the kids have an opportunity to code using Java Programming and Eclipse they were also able to gain valuable information on steps to take in order to apply for college. The kids learned the important factors to look for when choosing the right college for themselves. One specific project the students enjoyed was creating their own app. They came up with the name, price, slogan and target market. The students presented details on what the app is about and how it would be useful to the world and in today’s society. Overall it was a fun summer full of learning, laughter and long lasting friendships made between the students. – Adaora Arachie


  Over the last couple of weeks I was introduced to Next Academy Students most of whom never seen a code before a day in their life. I have been able to challenge and meet the expectations of Logic, Theory and Problem Solving. The students in our NEXT academy developed their own application on Android devices. The design or coding process is never easy; these children have met the challenges of every day computer coding. They researched codes and algorithms, worked on projects, and asked intelligent questions. My experience in NYUL’s NEXT Academy has definitely been memorable and I will miss all of my young scholars…scratch that, Engineers! Problem solving is the key to getting the concept of innovation, engineering and STEM down packed! The students of the NEXT academy have met those challenges as well as raised my expectations as a technologist, engineer, and a teacher. Are young minds ready to take the next challenge to innovate and beyond? YES! – Donald Jones


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