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President & CEO Arva Rice Facilitates NGO Workshop in Uruguay


October 2015, President and CEO Arva Rice spoke to a group of Afro-Uruguayan and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as a part of the US State Department Speakers Bureau. President Rice met NGO leaders and representatives of the ministry of Social Development.  Rice was invited to speak as a result of her experience in capacity building and leading a renowned civil rights organization.




In August 2013, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate passed far reaching affirmative action legislation to assist the Afro-Uruguan population.  The legislation mandates teaching about Afro-Uruguayan history, and grants Afro-descendants more scholarships and access to vocational training to help produce higher rates of graduation. Lastly, the law requires that 8% of vacancies be set aside for Afro-Uruguayans, and offers tax incentives for private industry to do the same.


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The goal of Rice’s visit was to help the NGOs build bridges to support and encourage full implementation of the legislation.  Rice shared the Urban League Movement’s history of supporting and advocating for legislation with government leaders from the Office for Afro Issues to the Department of Afro Women.  In addition she provided two half-day workshops on proposal writing, strategic planning, evaluation and alliance building.  President Rice trained fifty-four people who are engaged or leading Uruguayan NGOs.


“I know that I was invited  to share strategies for effective non-profit governance and collaboration.  But in the end I learned as much from the participants as they learned from me.  I enjoyed learning about the rich history and legacy of Afro-Uruguyans, and look forward to continuing to support their efforts,” said Rice.


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