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NYUL Fast Facts


  • 1,450 students and parents attended the 2012 HBCU Fair
  • Waived 518 application fees were waived for students attending the HBCU Fair
  • 54 scholarships totaling $230,000 were distributed on the spot at the NYUL HBCU Fair
  • 124 students were admitted to colleges and universities on-site at the NYUL HBCU fair
  • 569 students participated in Absolute Success College and Career prep. 100% of the participants graduated.
  • 16 students were awarded Whitney M. Young, Jr. (WMY Jr.) Scholarships, receiving a total of $52,500 in scholarship support for college.
  • 275 high school boys and girls participated in Empowerment Days, exploring career options at 20 sites in the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors; interacting with professionals at the top of their field in corporate America
  • Over 120,000 copies of “A Parent’s Guide to College” have been distributed throughout New York City. Since its release, over 700 parents and guardians participated in our Parent Guide Workshops.



  • 449 residents sought job placement and one-on-one counseling, including job-readiness assessment, referrals to skill training programs and GED programs, resume writing, and interview techniques. 233 clients participated in our Job Readiness and Career program where we successfully placed 67 clients in jobs and continue to serve registered applicants with technology training, resume support, financial education, and job opportunities.
  • NEW Launched Retail Certification Program to provide job seekers with industry-approved certificate program for entry into retail jobs and customer service opportunities.



  • Over 3,000 residents were able to access technology and classes at our NYUL Technology Center.
  • 991 participants received financial literacy/capability workshops in four of the five boroughs – Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.