Champions of Diversity Corporate Nominations

Each year, the New York Urban League honors companies that model positive advancements in diversity and inclusion, and exemplify overall excellence in their respective fields. These organizations hold diversity as a fundamental tenet of their corporate philosophy, and understand and value the positive impact that diversity has on surrounding communities.

The Champions of Diversity (COD) Award is bestowed upon a company for its outstanding corporate citizenry and commitment to diversity as it relates to four distinct areas of business – Leadership, Workforce, Supplier Relations, and Philanthropy.

We invite you to participate as a corporate nominee, or to nominate a company that you feel is worthy of this special recognition. Awards will be presented at the 17th Annual COD Awards Breakfast at The Plaza in February.

Candidates are required to complete a brief but comprehensive diversity survey that will provide information regarding the ethnic make-up of the organization’s Board of Directors and Senior Management team (Leadership), its hiring and promotion practices (Workforce), the engagement of diverse suppliers (Supplier Relations), and its community outreach and support of diversity issues (Philanthropy). The survey enables the Selection Committee to learn about a company’s diversity programs, initiatives and achievements.

Please complete the contact form to submit your nomination. The nominee contact person you submit will receive a copy of the diversity survey. The survey must be filled in directly by the candidate (nominee) and submitted by email as indicated. The deadline for receipt of completed diversity surveys for 2020 is November 15, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding nominations, the diversity survey, or the awards breakfast, please contact Alyssa R. Drewes, event coordinator, at 646-245-8217 or