90 Years Milestone

The NYUL - Serving the community since 1919

1919-1929 - New York Urban League founded by group of interracial New Yorkers  provides employment and connection for Blacks migrating from the agricultural and rural South to the industrial urban centers of the north.

1929-1939 - New York Urban League provided emergency support for unemployed during Great Depression.

1939-1949 - New York Urban League sponsors Committee for Interracial Voluntary Hospitals that leads to opportunity for Blacks to receive care and work in local hospitals.

1949-1959 - New York Urban league negotiates with brewing, airline, and baking industries to open their ranks to African-American workers.

1959-1969 - New York Urban League creates Street Academies where 2,000 students complete high school and the program becomes model for national replication.

.  First Frederick Douglass Dinner held to support work of the New York Urban League.

.  Whitney M. Young Classic held to provide scholarships and support educational initiatives of the New York Urban league.

1969 – 1979 - New York Urban League establishes Youth Enrichment Services program that provides a range of support to court involved youth, and builds 536 unites of housing on Staten Island. 

.  State of Black New York publications released on annual basis.

1979-1989 - New York Urban League establishes annual Historically Black College Fair that provides thousands of students and parents with information on the college application process, and computerized job bank that gives community access to employment. 

1989-1999 -  New York Urban League utilizes federal grants to develop programs that focus on infant mortality, teen pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.  State, local and community collaborations help strengthen League as voice for issues facing New Yorkers in need.

1999-2009 -  New York Urban League refocuses mission on original underpinnings of employment and education. .  Establishes Champions of Diversity Breakfast to honor corporations with exemplary diversity practices. 

























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